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7 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Bills Are High

Do you open up your cooling bill every month and wonder how it could possibly be so high? Dealing with costly air conditioning bills in the middle of the summer can definitely be frustrating. Before you know it, you are spending hundreds of dollars a month just to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. However, you could unknowingly be doing things to keep your energy bills expensive. Here are seven possible reasons why your air conditioning bill are so high:

You Use Your Oven All the Time

Your oven is an appliance you should not use too often in the summertime. When you get done cooking, the heat from the oven will spread throughout your house, making it several degrees warmer. This means your air conditioner will have to work even harder to keep your house at a comfortable temperature, decreasing efficiency. To avoid this issue, try cooking outside on a grill as much as possible during the summer.

You Do Not Take Advantage of Window Treatments

If you do not cover your windows with anything during the summer, heat can easily sneak in your home and decrease your air conditioner's efficiency. Placing mesh window screens over your windows, for example, can reduce solar radiation, according to Forbes. If you put these screens over your east and west facing windows, less heat will be able to get through your windows. Other great window treatments include blinds, shades and drapes.

You Do Not Use Your Ceiling Fans

Utilizing your ceiling fans during the summer can make a big difference on your cooling bills. These fans will help spread the cool air from the air conditioner more efficiently, helping you feel much cooler. You could even turn up the thermostat a few degrees and not feel a difference.

You Do Not Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Without the proper maintenance, your air conditioner will not run as efficiently as it should. If you want to cut your energy costs, start off by replacing your air conditioning filters once a month. When these filters get clogged with too much dust and dirt, they can hinder airflow. It is also important to get your air conditioning system inspected by a cooling contractor once a year. He will make sure your air conditioner is functioning as efficiently as it should. If the cooling contractor finds an issue with the system, he can repair it before it turns into a big expense.

You Do Not Turn Your Air Conditioning Down at Night

When you sleep, it is not necessary to keep your house as cool. If you turn your air conditioning down a few degrees a couple hours before bedtime, you can save some money on your cooling costs.

Your Furniture is Blocking the Air Conditioning Vents

If you place your furniture pieces directly over the air conditioning vents, the cool air will not be able to move efficiently through your home. It is best to put your furniture at least a couple feet away from these vents.

You Do Not Trim Bushes Around the Condenser Unit

If there are bushes around the condenser unit, it is very important to trim them regularly. If you allow bushes to grow too close to your air conditioner's condenser unit, they can reduce airflow and force the system to work harder to keep your house cool.

As you can see, your air conditioning bills could be expensive for a number of different reasons. If you make some simple changes, you can reduce your cooling costs and still feel perfectly comfortable while you are in your house. For more tips, contact a company like McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning.