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Three Situations Where Running The Air Conditioner In The Winter Is A Good Idea

Who would run an air conditioner at night? A better question is why would you run an air conditioner in winter? It sounds insane, right? Yet, there are some situations where running the A/C in winter makes perfect sense. Here are a few:

Your Grandparents Like Their House REALLY Hot!

Every family has them; grandparents who like their houses exceedingly hot. In fact, in winter it feels like the Sahara Desert, and you are sweating like mad when you visit their house. If you are house-sitting while your grandparents have gone to Florida for the winter, by all means, turn the heat down or off. Then turn on the A/C so you can get the whole house comfortable before resetting the heat at a decent temperature.

You Live in Arizona or Nevada

Arizona and Nevada (and some parts of Texas) are hot all the time. The temperatures might dip into the fifties at night in "winter," but that may still be a little warm for some. There goes the A/C, all night long and most of the daytime too. 

Your Medications Include Vasodilators, Hormone Therapies, and Blood Pressure Medications

All of these medications have one common side effect; overheated body. You are sweating in the middle of the night and trying to cool off even when the temperature dips below forty degrees outside. You would love to open the window and get cool enough to sleep, but your bed partner and/or your kids would freeze. Your air conditioning is your best bet, especially if you lay right next to the air vent. Everyone else in the house can have heating blankets and layers of comforters; you need the A/C.

Just One Problem with This Choice

Of course, there is just one problem with choosing to operate the air conditioning in the winter months. It is not good for your air conditioner. If you do run the A/C at this time of year for whatever unusual reason, you may need an HVAC technician perform air conditioning services more frequently. Your A/C may need more repairs, and it could even burn out before spring, leaving you with no A/C during the extremely hot months of the year. (Your grandparents might not care, since they never use the A/C anyway, but it is still something to consider.) Consult with an HVAC contractor before you decide to run your air conditioner in the middle of winter.

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