Watching Those Filters

3 Useful Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Furnace

Imagine being without heat during the winter months. That's what it would be like if your furnace wasn't in working condition. Make sure this never happens to your family during these colder months by maintaining the furnace in the following ways. 

Stay Safe

Before you can address any issue with the furnace, you must first make sure the conditions you're working in are safe. Start by ensuring the furnace is turned off completely. Furnaces, especially models powered by gas, can strike any time and you wouldn't want the unit to be on when this happens.

While turning the furnace off, smell the area for several seconds. If there is even a hint of gas, you need to get out of the house and contract a professional contractor as soon as possible. Lastly, conduct an overall inspection of the furnace and surrounding parts, making sure there are no signs of charred marks and faulty wiring.

Inspect the Air Filter

For the furnace to work as efficiently as possible during operation, the filter needs to be clean. Otherwise, particles and debris can move throughout the system that then causes parts to wear down and overheat. 

After locating the filter, inspect it in an area that gets a lot of light. If it's completely covered in dust and other particles, you'll need a new filter. However, if the filter is reusable, all you need to do is clean it thoroughly. This isn't that difficult if you use a portable vacuum or possibly a compressed air can. Make sure the filter is clean on both sides before inserting it back in the right position. 

Have Unit Serviced by a Contractor 

Even if nothing seems to be wrong with your furnace, it still needs to be serviced annually by a licensed contractor. They'll perform the necessary tests, assessing important parts like the thermostat, blower, fans, and other moving parts. If they are damaged in any way, they'll get replaced on the spot.

These contractors can also assess the efficiency of your furnace and recommend ways you can cut down on heating bills every month. They may suggest replacing the flashing beneath a door, for example, because a severe draft may be causing warm air to escape.  

When temperatures start dropping, you deserve a working furnace that performs efficiently. Make sure this happens in your home by maintaining the unit and consulting with professionals the moment complications arise. For more information, contact companies like A-1Finchum Heating.