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How To Improve The Airflow Our Of Your Furnace

Spending money on HVAC maintenance can be very rewarding when you start to receive reduced utility bills. The energy that large HVAC appliances, like boilers and air conditioners, consume can make up a very large percentage of your overall electricity consumption. Obviously, this consumption varies greatly from season to season. But, there is never a bad time to invest in some HVAC maintenance that could that will make your system more efficient. This article explains how is possible to improve your efficiency with one of the most achievable and simple DIY maintenance jobs.

A Nice DIY Job

Some HVAC maintenance can be complicated and intimidating for homeowners who don't have the tools or training. However, upgrading your duct system is something that you might be able to do yourself. This article explains one particular way that you can improve your duct airflow. It is possible to remove your air registers from the wall and tape the edges, where the duct meet the drywall to reduce to increase airflow and reduce possible diversions.

Taping the Gap

The problem is is that there is often a lip and gap between the duct and the drywall. So, any of the air that doesn't go directly through the register blades, cant go through this gap. Often, if you feel the wall directly around to register, it will be much colder when the air conditioner is running. This is partly inevitable, but you want more of the air to come out into your room, rather than being stuck behind the drywall. So, taping the gap between the drywall and duct can ensure that all of the air is coming through the registers. The most effective type of tape to use for this job is aluminum foil tape. Note, this is different than traditional duct tape. Do you want to tape all four edges of the duct opening? If you invest in 2" wide foil tape, this should be wide enough to span the gap.

You can apply the tape over the edge of the drywall, pushing it down firmly, and then pushed on the other edge along the duct. Even if the tape goes onto the front of the drywall, where it is painted, this is not an issue because the register will cover it when it is put back on. Many people never even think to do this project, but it is a simple and effective way to maximize airflow.

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