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What Happens When Your Condenser Coils On Your AC Get Dirty

Your air conditioning system is made up of numerous parts that have to work together. When one part gets dirty or worn out, it impacts the other parts of the system.

The condenser coils on your air conditioning unit play a very important role in your overall air conditioning system. They need to be taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis. Dirty condenser coils can interfere with the overall operation of your air conditioning unit.

What Your Condenser Coils Do for Your AC Unit

Your condenser coil is located in the unit that sits on a cement pad outside of your house. Refrigerant travels through the condenser coils. The refrigerant cools off your condenser coil and makes it really cold. After that, the outside air blows over the condenser. This is how the air that is pumped through your home is cooled off. Once the air is cooled off, it is then pumped through your home. Your condenser coil plays a vital role in keeping your house cool.

How to Keep Your Condenser Coils Clean

Without a functioning condenser coil, you will not have cold air in your home. Overtime, all that air that blows over the condenser coil can have an impact. Dust and other debris gets left behind on the condenser coil.

Now, you can remove the top of your outside unit and get inside and clean off the condenser coil. However, this is really a delicate job that is better handled by a professional. Your condenser coil should only be cleaned when it is not cold, and one has to be gentle when cleaning the condenser coil to ensure that the condenser coil and surrounding components are not damaged.

The Impact of Dirty Condenser Coils on Your AC Unit

When you fail to clean the condenser coils in the outside portion of your air conditioning unit, there can be serious consequences. As dirt builds up on your condenser coils, the refrigerant will not work as effectively, causing the coils to not cool down properly. When the coils fail to cool off properly, they cannot participate in the transfer of heat process that leads to the cool air that blows through your home.

This will cause your entire air conditioning unit to work harder to cool the air. This will lead to an overall reduction in efficiency of your air conditioning unit as well as higher energy bills.

Make sure that you keep the condenser coils in your air conditioning unit clean by having an HVAC specialist clean and inspect your unit on a yearly basis. This will help ensure that your unit is able to make the cool air you need to beat the heat. Visit the websites of local HVAC companies to read more about this service and others.