Watching Those Filters

Why Is Your AC So Loud?

Air conditioners are loud. Even though they are on the outside of a house, noise can travel very far. Air conditioners are often located next to windows, so homeowners often have issues with controlling sound levels. Obviously, you already want to make sure your windows are closed when your AC is pumping for efficiency reasons. But, even with closed windows, your AC unit can be annoyingly and unbearably loud in certain parts of your home. So, homeowners are obviously happy to figure out solutions. There are quite a few things that can be causing an air conditioner to be louder than it actually should be. This article explains the most common causes of noisy air conditioning units.

The Pump Fan

The fan is the largest single component in an AC pump and it can be very noisy. Usually, loads fans are easy to identify because of the rattling, spinning sound. If you walk out to your air conditioner and listen to it while it is running, you can usually tell if the sound is coming directly from the fan blades. If your fan is loud, this is definitely something that you should have serviced by a pro. It probably means that your fan blades are spinning on an axis. If it is spinning unevenly, you can be fairly certain that it is also wasting energy. So, having your fan professionally fixed will not only reduce the noise; it is probably going to help with airflow.

The Compressor

The compressor is essentially the engine of your AC pump. It also makes a lot of noise, possibly more than the fan. Just like a normal car engine, a compressor can definitely run louder over time if it is not serviced on a regular basis. But, even if your unit is regularly serviced, don't be too surprised if the compressor starts to put out more noise over the years. Compressors can simply become louder because they are older, and this doesn't necessarily mean they are any less efficient.

There is a cheap and simple solution to dampening compressor noise. Basically, there are neoprene blankets that can be wrapped around pretty much any standard compressor. The blankets are easily secured to the compressor with Velcro, but it is still a job that most people leave to professionals. The compressor is usually in an awkward spot at the bottom of the AC unit, so it requires that you take apart the unit. If you're not comfortable doing this work, you can have a professional do it very cheaply, and it should make a significant impact on how loud your compressor is.

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