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Purchasing Your First Home? Hire an HVAC Contractor and Plumber to Do an Inspection

If you are purchasing your first home, you need to have some things inspected to help prevent problems. Two of these things are the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system and plumbing system. There are HVAC technicians that can also offer plumbing services to make things easy for you. Below is more information about this so you can get started.

HVAC System Inspection

Among other things, an HVAC contractor will make sure the HVAC unit that is installed is the right size for your home. If the size is too small, the HVAC unit will have to run much longer to keep the proper temperature maintained inside your home. This will result in much higher electric bills. The size of HVAC units is measured in tons. If your home is small, it may have something like a one-ton or two-ton unit. If your home is much larger, the HVAC unit should be three to four tons. If the contractor finds your unit is the wrong size, they will suggest that you install a new unit that is the right size.

Your HVAC unit is located outside, generally on the back side of your home. The contractor will remove the housing from the unit so they can inspect the inside parts. They will look at the wiring to ensure it is all secure. The technician will also inspect the fan blades, evaporator coil, compressor, and more. The technician will ensure the refrigerant level is correct and if not add some more.

The technician will then come inside your home to check that the thermostat reads the right temperature. They do this by using a device that measures the air temperature out of the air register vents.

Another thing the technician will inspect is the duct work. They will inspect the duct work for any tears, which often happens at the seams. If the ducts have built up dust, the HVAC technician can also clean them for you.

Inspect Plumbing Pipes

A plumber can inspect your current plumbing pipes to ensure they are in good condition. If they see any problems, such as small leaks or deteriorating pipes, the plumber will repair or replace this section of pipes. If the current pipes are old, the plumber will likely suggest that you replace them. For example, the current pipes may be made of galvanized copper, which can rust and deteriorate over time. Instead, PVC is a good option in plumbing pipes. This is because PVC does not rust or deteriorate.

The plumber can also check the pipes for any clogs if you have had problems with clogs in drains, such as in your kitchen or bathroom. If they find clogs, they can remove them for you. The plumber will use a mechanical snake to get the clog out. This type of snake can go much deeper into plumbing pipes when compared to a traditional plumbing snake.

Contact an HVAC service and plumber for much more information about these two things.