Watching Those Filters

Sounds To Pay Attention To With Your Air Conditioning System

Sometimes you can spot air conditioning problems by the way the house feels. The rooms may cool unevenly, the vents may not produce any cool air, the air may not come out of the vents as strongly as it used to, or other things may indicate problems. However, other times it can be sounds that let you know something is going on with the system. Different sounds can indicate different types of problems and here are some examples of a number of them.

The sound of a high-pitched squealing

If you hear a sound that is similar to a very high pitched and long squeal, then this may have to deal with a malfunction in the system that can be a potential danger. Again, this is another instance where you should immediately shut the system off and wait for a professional to check things out.

The sound of water

If you start hearing a splashing sound, then this can indicate an excessive amount of condensation. This means the unit isn't draining the way it should. If not corrected, moisture can end up in the house, which can lead to mold problems.

The sound of bubble wrap popping

If you  hear the sound of popping, like when you pop bubble wrap, coming from the compressor of your air conditioner, call out a technician right away. This sound means coolant is hitting on the motor and the unit should be turned off until it can be looked at by a professional.

The sound of crinkling or an ice tray being twisted

If you hear something that sounds like a bag of chips being opened or an ice tray being twisted to release the ice cubes, then this can mean there is something caught in the compressor. However, it can also be indicative of something electrical going on. To be safe, turn the air conditioner off all the way and have it properly inspected.


The above list of sounds your system can be making is just a sample of problems that may be happening. Anytime you hear any noises that you can't explain, you should call a technician. Also, to be safe, turn the air conditioner off to avoid a hazardous situation or further damage to the unit. Along with strange sounds, strange smells are also a reason to shut down the unit and call in an air conditioning service technician for an inspection or repairs.