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Some Common Bathroom Sink Issues

There are a number of problems that can happen with your bathroom sink. You should familiarize yourself with these problems so that you know how to prevent them from happening and how to recognize them right away if one or more of them starts happening. Here are some of the common sink issues that you may end up dealing with in your bathroom at some point. 

The bathroom sink clogs

The bathroom sink can clog just like the kitchen sink. However, the reasons why your bathroom sink ends up clogging can be completely different than why your kitchen sink may clog. With the kitchen, a clog is likely caused by hardened grease lining the pipe attached to the drain or by food clogging the pipe. With the bathroom sink, the culprits can include soap residue, toothpaste residue, or an abundance of hair that has been trapped in a pipe called the "P-trap". The P-trap has a curvature to it that provides these things with a good area to get caught up and this creates the blockage that causes the sink to clog. If you feel comfortable with cleaning the p-trap yourself, then you can do this. However, for most people, the best thing to do is to call the plumber out, and they will remove the pipe and clean all of the junk out of it to get rid of the clogging issue. 

The sink has a leak under it

Another common problem with bathroom sinks is having a leak. The leak can be coming from a damaged pipe, but more than likely it is coming from a connection area, or from the area around the faucet. A faucet can become loose and when water splashes up around the faucet area, it can drip right down into the cabinet under the sink. Tightening the bolt under the sink can sometimes fix the problem. However, normally if there are issues with your faucet, you will likely have to have it replaced. If the pipes are the problem, then the plumber can replace the affected pipes to correct the issue. 

The faucet drips

Another issue is your faucet can begin dripping. No matter how many times you check to make sure the water is turned all the way off, the dripping continues. This is due to the inner components of the faucet being worn out. When the faucet starts to have this problem, it would be another indication that the faucet should be replaced with a new one.

For more information on common bathroom sink issues and how to recognize them, talk to a bathroom plumbing professional in your area.