6 Ways To Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioner

If your current apartment does not have a central air conditioning system or you are not able to put in a window unit, a portable air conditioner is a great option to consider. This type of air conditioner can be moved around easily and keep your cooling costs low. However, if you want to keep your portable air conditioner around for a long time, you have to take proper care of it.

What To Do When Your A/C Won't Blow Hard Enough

It seems like summers are getting hotter and hotter. Even if the temperatures stay the same, your air conditioner will slowly become less efficient as it gets older. If yours is showing its age, it might be getting to a point where it no longer pushes enough cold air to keep you comfortable. Even if this isn't the cause, you don't have to suffer. Here are some things you can do to get your home back to the right temperature.

How To Clean The Indoor Unit Air Filters On Your Mini-Split Heat Pump

Mini-split heat pumps are low maintenance, unobtrusive devices, but they do require occasional attention. An important maintenance task you will need to address from time-to-time is cleaning the air intake filter located inside the evaporator unit. This task is simple for you to perform and will keep your mini-split heat pump operating at its most efficient level. Here are the tools and materials you need, as well as a step-by-step procedure for cleaning air filters:

Caulk And Bathtub Crack Repairs To Stop Bathroom Leaks

If you notice water seeping from underneath your bathroom floor when you venture into your basement or if you notice a great deal of water across the floor when you take a shower or bath, then you have a potentially disastrous problem that needs to be repaired. If repairs are not made, then the floor or subfloor underneath the bathtub can begin to rot. To prevent this from happening, investigate the issue to determine whether or not the caulk or the bathtub itself is causing the problem and follow the tips below to make the best repair.

Obtain A More Comfortable Temperature In Your Home By Adding Extra HVAC Zones

When a house has a forced air system and only one thermostat, it can be hard to regulate the temperature in every room. This can lead to discomfort and uneven temperatures throughout a house, but there is a way to fix this. It will require adding another zone and thermostat to the house, but this is not a simple, quick fix. You will need to hire an HVAC company to get the job done.

The Importance Of Dust Control In Collision Repair Shops & What To Do About It

If you own a collision repair business or are constructing a new shop, then you are familiar with issues of dust control. When it comes to the fine conditions required in painting vehicles, it is very important to keep dust particles under control. The perfect finish of an expensive paint job depends on it. Here are some suggestions to control or eliminate issues of dust and other particles in your collision repair shop.